Amal's Discography

Amal has created and released five albums of songs and performances, all inspired by authentic Arab and Palestinian poetry and tunes:

1-“AMAL"EMI, UK)2000
2- “Shawq” (Longing, 2004, with arab insambel &the Symphony Orchestra),
3-“Nana ya-Nana” (Peppermint O Peppermint, 2007), which reconstructs popular Palestinian songs of the past,
4-“Baghanni” (I Sing, 2011) which was voted “Best Album of the Year” by Radio Shams’sShadi Ballan and by Ha-Aretz Newspaper (Ben Shalev).
6-“Fattah il-Ward” came out in 2016.

Since “Baghanni” Amal produces and tapes her albums in a recording studio she had created especially for the purpose in Kufr Yaseef.

"Amal" 1998 -Amal 2000 EMI

Shauq 2004 Amal production

Na'Na' Ya Na' 2007 Amal production

Baghani 2011 Amal production

Fattah' Alward 2016 Amal production

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